Jiranatee Associates CO.,LTD. (J-NAC)

Founder Mr.Nateethong Uapipatanakul


Mrs.Jananyar Lersakpatanakul and Mr.Nawawich Uapipatanakul


       J-NAC was established on May 1st, 2002. We are in the business of sales and engineering, in the field of Measuring instruments and Environmental quality measurement systems. Covering the Occupational Health and Safety, Meteorological measurement system, Maritime communication system.


       We provide calibration, maintenance, engineering design and integration. Currently we had approximately 65 employees in our team combining Accountant, Sales&Marketing, Engineering and Scientist . Therefore, we have continuously expanded and stepped into full-scale business operations under international standards (ISO 9001 Certified and ISO17025 Accredited Company).


Company's Objective

The company will step into a role in the economy. society and the environment in our country for sustainable development


J-Nac Quality Policy
      - Quality must follow to world standard
      - Customer satisfaction as a must
      - Continuous improvement in term of service and knowledge


J-Nac Vision
      - To be Experts and leading in Our Business fields
      - To be Sustainable growth in Ours Area
      - Traceable to the World Standard





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