Sound and Vibration


Sound Level Meter
CIRRUS Research Optimus


• 3 range of Optimus model;
Optimus YELLOW - Entry-Level Sound Level Meter
Optimus RED - Noise At Work Sound Level Meter
Optimus GREEN - Environmental Sound Level Meter

• 20dB to 140dB RMS Single Range

Simultaneous A, C & Z Frequency Weightings

• Simultaneous F, S & I Time Weightings

High resolution colour OLED display with light sensor and Backlit keypad 

• VoiceTag™ audio note recording

• Acoustic Fingerprint™ triggering & audio recording

• 4GB memory expandable up to 32GB(option)

• Bluetooth(connect dBActive mobile application), USB connection

• IEC61672 Class 1, Class 2 Standard approval


Personal Noise Monitoring
CIRRUS Research DoseBadge


• Applicable standards : IEC 61252:1993, ANSI S1.25:1991,

• Internal Acoustic Calibrator to IEC 60942:2003 Class 2 

• Measurement Range (Typical)
70dB(A) to 130dB(A) RMS
120dB(C) to 140dB(C) Peak

• Measurement data : LAeq, LEX,8h, LAE, % Dose, Exposure, TWA

• Compact, rugged design made from metal

• Time history data stored as standard, USB data download

• 90-minute charge time with 30 hours’ battery life

• Intrinsically Safe version available with ATEX, EEx, IECEx ...


Personal Noise Monitoring
CIRRUS Research DoseBadge5


NEW!!! MODEL Personal Noise monitor

• Applicable standards :
IEC 61252:1993, IEC 61252 ED1.1(2002-03)IEC 61260-1:2014, ANSI S1.11-2014, ANSI S1.25-1991(R2017)

• Measurement Range(Typical)
60dB(A) to 140dB(A) RMS
80dB(C) to 143dB(C) Peak

• Leq,LAVG, LEP,d, LEX,8, TWA, Exposure, %dose, Estimated %dose...

• Battery Life >22 hours, Typical 3 hours charge time from empty

• Bluetooth® to the dBLink moilbe application, USB data download


Integrate Sound Level Meter


• Standard : conforms to IEC 61672-1 of 2002 and IEC 61672-1 ed. 2.0 of 2013, IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 specifications with class 2 or class 1

• Suitable for the following applications:
Environmental noise level, Occupational noise measurements at the workplace, Selection of personal protective equipment, Production quality control, Measurement of machine noise.

• Dynamic range 30 dBA -143 dB Peak

• Simultaneous A, C & Z Frequency Weightings


• Simultaneous F, S & I Time Weightings

• Spl, Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Dose, Ln


Vibration Monitor
VIBROCK V9000 Seismograph


• LCD graphic and backlight

• Trigger mode for blasting monitoring

• Continuous mode for piling, rail and road traffic monitoring

• Data stored for 3 axes

• Auto range from 0.1 mm/s - 200 mm/s

 Memory : Approximately 500 trigger event or 21 days continuous record @1 s interval

 7 day timer function and sleep mode

 USB connectivity

 4 "D" alkaline battery / 12v adaptor(option)

 Battery life : Up to 30 days continuous monitoring





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