Data Logger


Meteorological Data Logger



HD32MT.1 is a data logger capable of capturing and logging the values measured by a series of sensors connected to its inputs.

The data logger is completely programmable by the user and is therefore very versatile

The supplied HD32MTLogger application software allows simple and intuitive programming by using graphic interfaces, without the need of learning any programming language, thus minimizing the time needed to make the system operational.



• Temperature, relative humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rainfall quantity, wind speed and direction – through Modbus input
• Remote monitoring possible.
• Data on local server or Cloud, through FTP and to an HTTP server
• Free PC software for configuration, monitor and data download
• Alarms: e-mail and text messages
• IP 67 waterproof housing
• Optional custom LCD (HD33LM-MB.2)
• Powered 7-30VDC, or solar panel (optional power supply unit)



• Possibility of connecting many sensor types, 4 analog inputs, the 2 contact inputs and the RS485 MODBSU-RTU and SDI-12 digital inputs
• 4G/3G/GSM(2G)/GPRS module for remote monitoring
• Sending of data via e-mail, FTP and to an HTTP server (for example the Delta OHM Cloud)
• Configurable as Master or Slave MODBUS unit 
• Connection to ETHERNET network with MODBUS TCP/IP protocol through optional module
• PC software for configuration, monitor and data download in a database
• Software option available for compliance to FDA 21 CFR part 11 recommendations
• 2 contact alarm outputs and alarm notification via e-mail and SMS when configurable measurement thresholds are exceeded
• IP 65 housing
• Optinal custom LCD
• It can be powered by mains (with optional external power supply unit) or by a solar panel
• Low power, it can operate for weeks even in absence of recharging of the internal battery
• Internal clock of high accuracy and stability, with possibility of automatic timesynchronization with an HTTP or NTP reference server





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