SAAB R6 AIS Transponder

Originally AIS was intended for giving ships better awareness of other vessels nearby. It was such a success that it now has much wider applications.

The position, speed and identity a ship broadcasts through its AIS transponder greatly improves the traffic image in the VTS centres on shore. It provides information for automatic labelling of ships with name and destination, enhances ship tracking and often covers areas outside of radar range.

Saab is a pioneer in AIS, one of the first to supply shipborne, airborne and shore-based solutions. For India, China and the Netherlands, we have provided AIS shore networks with national coverage, extending to hundreds of base stations.

We also provide secure AIS, allowing navy and law enforcement to see without being seen, and to privately communicate with authorised parties.

Saab is now working on the next generation AIS standard called VDES that will greatly enhance the capacity and range of AIS.








 SAAB R60 VDES Base Station

• Compliant with the VDES ITU R Recommendation, ITU R M.2092 0 (AIS+ ASM+VDE ready).

• With a completely new SDR (software defined radio) it is designed to be future proof to changes in standard (as the standard is new, amendments is anticipated)

• Prepared for VDE (another 4 tx rx channels) with HW and/or software moduleupgrade)

• Equal or better than the R40 MkIV in all aspects

• Line replaceable with R40 MkIV and R40 MkIII

• Fully compatible with CoastWatch / MaritimeCONTROL (might require S/W upgrade)

• Combined or separate RX/TX antennas (HW modification required)

• Simple box build concept to allow cost efficient manufacturing




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