Find buried survivors in minutes

With minimal operator training, Rescue RadarTM can:

• Locate unconscious and conscious victims.
Our third generation Rescue RadarTM system is highly sensitive to detect slight motion and shallow breathing.

• Effectively operate in high noise and wind environments.
GPR is a reliable tool when operating in diffcult environments.

• Seamlessly complement the use of canine and seismic rescue systems.
Augments search capabilities with a reliable and proven method that detects motion, such as breathing, within seconds.



• Urban Search & Rescue (USAR)
• Natural Disaster
• Terrorist Attack
• Mining disaster
• Structural Collapse



• Designed for the harshest environments: tough, weatherproof Pelican case
• Rugged tablet: meets military specifications for the toughest rescue conditions
• Extended battery life
• Uninterrupted wireless data collection: Rescue RadarTM continues to operate if Wi-Fi is interrupted and seamlessly reconnects to the control tablet when connectivity is restored with no data loss
• Adjustable depth of display to adapt to site conditions
• All in one package: the system operates in a transport case with no additional setup required
• No custom software required for operation: control the system and view results through a browser on the tablet 
• Fast geotagged results ooad onto USB or via Wi-Fi
• Low maintenance: always ready for deployment

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