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AIS Aid to Navigation
MANDO 301(Type1)/303(Type3)

The AMEC MANDO series marks the most advanced AIS AtoN fully certified to the latest international standards. Available in Type 1 or Type 3 mode, MANDO is ready to be deployed on buoys, lighthouses, oil/gas stations, offshore wind farms or navigational hazards as an aid of collision avoidance for nearby vessels.




AIS Man Overboard Beacon(MOB)

TB-520 AIS Man Overboard Beacon(MOB)

The CE RED approved AMEC TB-520 AIS Man Overboard beacon greatly enhances the chance of MOB retrieval by alerting other AIS equipped vessels within VHF range.


TB-520D AIS Diver Beacon

The AMEC TB-520D is a CE RED approved AIS Diver Beacon. It greatly enhances the chance of adrift diver to be recovered by alerting nearby vessels equipped with AIS.


TB-560 Portable AIS Class B

TB560 is designed to deliver high performance both for crew member and authority with safety features included. TB560 is supplied with built-in VHF antenna, GPS antenna, and internal rechargeable battery. Handy! Ready to serve! Support the device to operate for 2~5 days, depending on its AIS signal transmitting interval setting.

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